System Dynamics Calculator

                The Calculator

                        An Introduction to System Dynamics Models

                        Basic Calculator Architectures

                        Calculator User Interface

                                The User Interface


                                Security, Localization and Personalization

                                Software Versioning and Maintenance

                        Conventional Calculator Functionality

                The SD Model in Depth


                                Unbounded Stocks

                                Modeled Stocks


                                Unrestricted Flows

                                Modeled Flows


                                Unconstrained Transformers

                                Modeled Transformers




                                Production Factories

                                Finance Factories

                                Analysis Factories

                                Optimization Factories

                        Customized Factory Packages

                                Finance Factory Package

                                Analysis Factory Package

                                Natural Science Factories

                                Physical Science Factories

                        Abstraction Layers, Fragments and Scripts


                                Mathematical, JAVA Strict Math and fdLibM (IEEE 754) Functions

                                Financial Functions

                                Statistical Functions

                                Physical and Chemical Functions (this section requires additional work)

                                Date and Time Functions

                                Other Functions

                The Model Builder

                        Basic Drawing Functions

                        Basic Model Building Functions

                        Defining Model Relationships

                        File Import and Export Functions

                The Model Simulator

                        Loading a Model to Simulate

                        Defining the Model Simulation

                        Basic Simulator Control Strip Functions

                        Calculating the Simulation

                                Structural Model Errors




                                Error Detection and Reporting


                        Simulator Output



                                Graphs and Tables

                                Pictures and Movies

                                File Import / Export Features

                Appendix: The Modeling Process

                        The Personal Finance Model

                        Entities Kept and Measured

                        Flows Between the Entities

                        Internal and External Data Sources

                System Dynamics CalculatorR1.pdf


ABSTRACT: This document describes a System Dynamics Calculator – an entirely new “visual” approach to computing for ordinary people.  “Systems Thinking” and System Dynamics (SD) are traditional analysis and model simulation methods to gain insight into complex problems with a number of interacting dynamic factors.  SD is used to simulate commodity market behavior that might result from global conflict for example.  While SD provides insight into which factors have the greatest impact in a model, it does not solve problems.  Also, its application is currently limited to a relatively small group of specially trained professionals.  SD has the potential for many more to accomplish much more – but not with the current methods and tools. 

The System Dynamics Calculator is a proposed software-based tool that will enable people who are unfamiliar with SD to solve a variety of complex problems and get real answers instead of just insights.  The calculator will run on a broad range of computers from a desktop PC to a handheld touch screen device.  This calculator represents a significant improvement over SD methods in use today with visual cues and an array of analysis tools that augment conventional SD techniques to give real answers.  The calculator does not require comprehensive knowledge from the user to describe a problem or explore a solution.  Unlike current SD tools, it can directly access and incorporate web-based information on the fly.  An iPhone, G Phone or Pre owner running the System Dynamics Calculator application would be able to calculate the change to their 401K deduction necessary to be able to afford improved medical insurance and a new car, and then immediately see what the likely impact to their planned retirement date would be.  In order to realize the greatest benefits of the System Dynamics Calculator, the adoption of model methods by an international standards body will be required in order to utilize models from multiple sources that are not proprietary or parochial.  Easy access and use, a variety of readily available calculator models and data sets online, and compatibility with already purchased hardware platforms will bring this sophisticated problem solving tool to a significant percentage of the population to get answers to real problems from the trivial to the life-impacting.

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