Technical Standards - Read and Understood:

ITU-T Network Management Principles

                                                                 click here - all familiar ITU-T M-Series Standards

    M.3010 Principles for a Telecommunications Management Network

ITU-T Enhanced Telecom Operations Map

    M.3050.0 eTOM - Introduction  

    M.3050.1 eTOM - The business process framework  
    M.3050.2 eTOM - Process decompositions and descriptions  

    M.3050.3 eTOM - Representative process flows  

    M.3050.4 eTOM - B2B integration: Using B2B inter-enterprise integration with the


ANSI Data Communications Network

    T1.105.04 SONET - Data Communication Channel Protocol and Architecture

    T1.119 SONET OAM&P Communications

    T1.119.01: SONET: OAM&P Communications Protection Switching Fragment

    T1.203 OAM&P - Human-machine language

    T1.210 OAM&P - Principles of functions, architectures, and protocols for

            telecommunications management network (TMN) interfaces

    T1.224 OAM&P - Protocols for interfaces between operation systems in

            different jurisdictions

    T1.232 OAM&P - G interface for use with the telecommunications management

            network (TMN)

    T1.233 OAM&P - Security framework for telecommunications management

            network (TMN)

Other Technical Documents - Read and Understood:

OMG Specifications                                         click here - all familiar OMG Specifications

    Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA/IIOP)

    CORBA Component Model

    Common Secure Interoperability (CSIv2)

    CORBA-FTAM/FTP Interworking 

    Interworking between CORBA and TMN Systems

    Unified Modeling Language™ (UML®)

SONET Interoperability Forum

    SIF-001-1996 Remote Login User Requirements Specification

    SIF-007-1996 Design Principles for the Development of OAM Graphical User


    SIF-010-1997 ICI Final Recommendation - Revision 4: Submission to SIF Plenary

    SIF-022-1998 SIF SONET TMN Architecture Requirements

Telcordia Operations Technology Generic Requirements (OTGR)

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    FR-439 Operations Technology Generic Requirements (OTGR)

    GR-199 TL1 Memory Administration Messages

    GR-202 Loop Testing Messages at the OS/TSC Interface

    GR-376 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Network Data Collection

    GR-454 Generic Requirements for Supplier-Provided Documentation

    GR-471 OTGR Section 1: Introduction

    GR-472 OTGR Section 2.1: Network Element Configuration Management

    GR-474 OTGR Section 4: Network Maintenance: Alarm and Control for Network


    GR-477 Network Traffic Management

    GR-478 Measurements and Data Generation

    GR-495 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Network Traffic Management

    GR-740 OTGR: Network Data Collection Operations System (NDC OS) to Element

          Management System (EMS)/Network Element (NE) Interface Using Object

          Oriented Information Models

    GR-811 OTGR Section 12: Operations Application Messages - TL1 Messages Index

    GR-815 Generic Requirements For Network Element/Network System (NE/NS)


    GR-818 OTGR Section 6.1: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - Generic Test


    GR-819 OTGR Section 6.2: Network Maintenance: Access Testing - Special Services

          (SS) and SS-Like Networks

    GR-820 OTGR Section 5.1: Generic Digital Transmission Surveillance

    GR-822 OTGR Section 6.3: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - Switched

          Circuits, and

          Public Packet Switched Network (PPSN)

    GR-823 OTGR Section 6.4: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing Integrated

          Services Digital Network (ISDN)

    GR-826 OTGR Section 10.2: User Interface Generic Requirements For Supporting

          Network Element Operations

    GR-828 OTGR Section 11.2: Operations Technology Generic Requirements (OTGR):

          Generic Operations Interface - OSI Communications Architecture

    GR-831 OTGR Section 12.1: Operations Application Messages - Language For

          Operations Application Messages

    GR-833 TL1 Surveillance and Maintenance Messages

    GR-834 Network Maintenance: Access and Testing Messages

    GR-836 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Information Model Overview:

          Transport Configuration and Surveillance For Network Elements

    GR-836-IMD OTGR: Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools - Information

          Model Details: Transport Configuration and Surveillance for Network Elements

    GR-839 Generic Requirements For Supplier-Provided Training

    GR-840 Supplier Support Generic Requirements

    GR-844 TSC/RTU Generic Requirements For Metallic Loop Testing

    GR-981 Service Configuration Management for Switching Network Elements (NES)

    GR-1031 OTGR Section 15.6: Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Test Access

          Management (A Module Of OTGR, FR-439)

    GR-1102 OTGR Section 15.8: Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Access

          and Testing Management

    GR-1309 TSC/RTU and OTAU Generic Requirements for Remote Optical Fiber


    GR-1402 Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - DS3 HCDS TSC/RTU and

          DTAU Functional Requirements

    GR-1465 OTGR Section 6.5: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - Automatic

          Board-To-Board Testing (ABBT) and DLC Cutover Testing

    GR-1469 Security for OSI-Based TMN Interfaces

    GR-2934 High-Speed Access for Network Operations

    GR-2940 OTGR Section 15.9: Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: POTS/

          Loop Testing

    GR-2963 OTGR Section 2.2 Network Element Configuration Management - Software


    GR-3008 OTGR Section 6.9: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - SONET

          STS-1 and SUB-STS-1 TSC/RTU and DTAU Functional Requirements

    GR-3019 OTGR: Generic Sections and Keywords Specification for Use With


    TR-NWT-000835 OTGR Section 12.5: Network Element and Network System Security

          Administration Messages

    TR-TSY-000473 OTGR Section 3: Network Maintenance: Common

    TR-TSY-000481 OTGR Section 11: Generic Operations Interfaces: Overview

    TR-TSY-000483 OTGR Section 13: Embedded Operations Interfaces

    TR-TSY-000816 OTGR Section 3.1: Network Maintenance: Common - ISDN Basic

          Rate Access Portable Test Set (PTS)

    TR-TSY-000821 OTGR Section 5.2: Network Maintenance: Transport Surveillance-

          Additional Transport and Transport-Based Surveillance

    TR-TSY-000824 OTGR Section 10.1: User System Interface User System Access

    TR-TSY-000825 OTGR Section 10.A: User System Interface User System Language


    TR-TSY-000827 OTGR Section 11.1: Generic Operations Interface - Non-OSI

          Communications Architecture

    TR-TSY-000829 OTGR Section 11.3: Generic Operations Interface - Embedded

          Operations Channels

    TR-TSY-000830 OTGR Section 11.4: Generic Operations Interface Operations


Telcordia Telecommunications Management Network (TMN)

    GR-1248 Generic Requirements for Operations of ATM Network Elements (NES)

    GR-1469 Security for OSI-Based TMN Interfaces

    GR-2869 Generic Requirements for Operations Based on the Telecommunications

          Management Network (TMN) Architecture

    GR-2897 Generic Requirements For ATM Network View CMIP Interface Model

    GR-2954 Transport Performance Management Based on the TMN Architecture

    GR-2991 Fault Management Based on the Telecommunications Management

          Networks (TMN) Architecture

    GR-3010 Configuration Management Based on the Telecommunication Management

          Network (TMN) Architecture

    GR-3014 Traffic Performance Management Based on the Telecommunications

          Management Network (TMN) Architecture

    GR-3024 Generic Requirements for Security of CORBA-Based Telecommunications   

          Management Network (TMN) Transactions

    GR-3025 Generic Requirements for Security of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

          Supporting Telecommunications Management Network (TMN)

    GR-3026 Generic Requirements for Security for SNMP-Based Telecommunications

          Management Network (TMN) Interfaces

Telcordia Element Management Layer (EML) and Network Management Layer (NML)

    GR-1345 Framework Generic Requirements for Element Manager (EM) Applications

            for SONET Subnetworks

    GR-2841-CORE Generic Requirements for Operation Systems Platform


   GR-2955 Generic Requirements for Hybrid SONET/ATM Element Management

            Systems (EMSS)

    GR-2998 Generic Requirements for Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) Element

            Management Systems (EMSs)

    GR-3000 Generic Requirements for SONET Element Management Systems (EMSs)

    TA-TSY-001294 Generic Requirements for Element Management Layer (EML)

          Functionality and Architecture

    SR-TSV-002671 EML Applications for Fault Management: Subnetwork Root

          Cause Alarm Analysis

    SR-TSV-002672 EML Applications for Fault Management: Intelligent Alarm


    SR-TSV-002675 EML Applications for Configuration Management: Resource

          Provision, Selection and Assignment

    SR-TSV-002676 Functional Roles of TMN Management Layers for Network

          Element Software Management

    SR-TSV-002678 EML Applications for Configuration Management: Inventory

          Notification and Query - Functional Description

    SR-TSV-002690 Requirements for an EML Platform Environment

Other Telcordia Operations Technical Documents

    GR-2911 Software Inventory for Network Element Software Management

    GR-2914 Human Factors Requirements for Equipment to Improve Network Integrity

    GR-2915 Application of Software Management OSI Information Model to Software

          Download and Memory Restoration

    SR-2751 OCS OS-NE Interface Support for the OSI/CMISE Protocol Stack

    SR-3317 OPS/INE to Network Element Generic OSI/CMISE Interface Support

    TA-TSY-000899 Requirements Specification for an Operations System to Operations

          System Interface Using Generic OSI Protocols Including the OSI Network

          Management Protocols

Telemanagement Forum Documents    click here - all familiar TM Forum Specifications

    GB921 Business Process Framework (eTOM)

    GB922 Information Framework (SID)

    GB929 TM Forum Applications Framework

    TMF513 MTNM Business Aggreement

    TMF608 Information Agreement for MTNM

    TMF807 Connection and Service Management Information Model CORBA IDL

            Solution Set Document

    TMF814 Multi Technology Network Management IDL Solution Set

Acronyms on this Page:

BMS, BML, B-OSF - business management system, layer, OS function

DCN - data communications network

EMS, EML, E-OSF - element management system, layer, OS function

EOC - embedded overhead channel

HMI - human machine interface

IMS - IP multimedia subsystem

IP - internet protocol

ITU-T - International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization


MD mediation device - an EMS, for example

MFL - management functional layer

NE, NEL, NEF - network element, layer, function

NGN - next generation network

NMS, NML, N-OSF - network management system, layer, OS function

OIF - Optical Internetworking Forum

OS, OSF operations system, function

QA, QAF - q-adapter, function

SMS, SML, S-OSF - service management system, layer, OS function

TMN - telecommunications management network

WS, WSF - workstation, function

(I’m working on the acronyms...)

This illustration summarizes elements of the Telecommunications Management Network (the TMN) that TELE-WORX consults on. This chart is not intended to be exhaustive; only the primary model concepts are indicated above. 

This illustration summarizes The Optical Internetworking Forum (the OIF) Control Plane. This illustration also summarizes elements of the Next Generation Network (the NGN) Management Model; NGN standardization efforts are currently ongoing. 


A great deal of confusion exists about the distinction between functions and devices. This chart attempts to illustrate both. For example, an Element Management System (an EMS) is a device that primarily performs element management-layer operations support functions (E-OSF).

Some other devices may also perform E-OSF’s. The Control Plane architecture is one such example that implements a set of classical E-OSF’s in the network element. This strategy generally reflects a move in the industry to push more functionality into the network element layer. This suggests a clear preference for fewer “boxes” (but accepting more complex “boxes”) in the network. 

Key Concepts:

    Hierarchy of Management Functional Layers - Business, Service, Network and Element

    Defined Interface Reference Points between Functions - Q, F, G, X

    Common Data Communication Network - DCN

    Defined processes for Strategy, Infrastructure, Product, Operations and Enterprise Management

“Foundation” Standards:

    ITU-T M.3010 Principles for a Telecommunications Management Network

    ITU-T M.3050 Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM)

Expertise Summary Chart: