OMG Specifications documents are not generally viewed in the industry as Standards documents, though they may carry the “weight” of a Standard with a number of service provider companies. 

OMG Committees I watch:

    Platform Technical Committee

        Middleware and Related

        Services Platform Task Force

        (MARS) and MARS Wiki

    Domain Technical Committee

        Systems Engineering Domain

        Special Interest Group

        (SE DSIG)

Platform Technical Committee projects I watch:




Domain Technical Committee projects I watch:

    Systems Modeling Language 

        (SysML) Domain SIG

OMG Specifications Summary URL

TELE-WORX Consults on these OMG Specifications:

Corba/Iiop Specifications

    Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA/IIOP) - CORBA

    CORBA/e - CORBAe

    Common Secure Interoperability - CSIv2

    CORBA Component Model - CCM

    CORBA Reflection - RFLEC

    CORBA-FTAM/FTP Interworking - FTAM

    CORBA / TC Interworking and SCCP-Inter ORB Protocol - SCCP

    CORBA-WSDL/SOAP Interworking - C2WSDL

    Deployment and Configuration of Component-based Distributed Applications - DEPL

    Fault Tolerance - FT

    Interworking between CORBA and TMN Systems - TMN

    Online Upgrades - ONUP

    Quality of Service for CCM - QOSCCM

    Robotic Technology Component - RTC

    Streams for CORBA Components - STRM

    Wireless Access and Terminal Mobility in CORBA - WATM

    WSDL/SOAP-CORBA Interworking - WSDL2C

Specialized Corba Specifications

    CORBA Binding for WSDL     

    CORBA Embedded (aka Minimum CORBA) - CORBAe

    Data Parallel Processing - DPP

    GIOP Compression - ZIOP

    Lightweight CCM (CORBA Component Model) - LtCCM

    Lightweight Load Balancing - LW-LDB

    Lightweight Logging Service - LtLOG

    Lightweight Services - LtSVCS

    Online Upgrades - ONUP

    Real-time CORBA - RT

    Unreliable Multicast - UMUL

Uml Specifications

    OMG Systems Modeling Language - SysML

    Service oriented architecture Modeling Language - SoaML

    UML - Infrastructure - UML

    UML - Superstructure - UML

    UML Diagram Interchange - UMLDI

    UML Human-Usable Textual Notation - HUTN

    XML Metadata Interchange - XMIUml Profile Specifications

    OMG Systems Modeling Language - SysML

    PIM and PSM for Smart Antenna - smartant

    UML Profile for CORBA - CORP

    UML Profile for CCM - CCMP

    UML Profile for CORBA and CCM - CCCMP

    UML Profile for Data Distribution - UML4DDS

    UML Profile for Enterprise Application Integration - EAI

    UML Profile for Enterprise Distributed Object Computing - EDOC

    UML Profile for Modeling and Analysis of Real-time and Embedded Systems -


    UML Profile for QoS and Fault Tolerance - QFTP

    UML Profile for Schedulability, Performance and Time - SPTP

    UML Profile for System on a Chip - SoCP

    UML Profile for Software Radio (aka PIM & PSM for Software Radio Components) -


    UML Profile for Voice - VOICP

    UML Testing Profile - UTP

Corbaservices Specifications

    Additional Structuring Mechanisms for the OTS - OTS

    Collection Service - COLL

    Concurrency Service - CONC

    Enhanced View of Time - EVoT

    Event Service - EVNT

    Externalization Service - EXT

    Licensing Service - LIC

    Life Cycle Service - LFCYC

    Lightweight Services - LtSVC

    Management of Event Domains - MED

    Naming Service - NAM

    Notification Service - NOT

    Notification / JMS Interworking - NOTJMS

    Persistent State Service - PSS

    Property Service - PROP

    Query Service - QUER

    Relationship Service - REL

    Security Service - SEC

    Telecoms Log Service - TLOG

    Time Service - TIME

    Trading Object Service - TRADE

    Transaction Service - TRANS

CORBAfacilities Specifications

    Internationalization and Time - ITFAC

    Mobile Agent Facility - MOBFAC

OMG Domain Specifications

    Business Motivation Model - BMM

    Business Process Definition Metamodel - BPDM

    Business Process Maturity Model - BPMM

    Business Process Modeling Notation - BPMN

    Management of Event Domains - MED

    OMG Systems Modeling Language - SysML

    Product Lifecycle Management Services - PLM

    Public Key Infrastructure - PKI

    Surveillance User Interface - SURV

    Telecoms Log Service - TLOG

    Telecom Service & Access Subscription - TSAS

Corba Embedded Intelligence Specifications

    Platform Independent Model and Platform Specific Model for Super Distributed

            Object - SDO

    Smart Transducers - SMART

Corba Security Specifications

    Authorization Token Layer Acquisition Service - ATLAS

    Common Secure Interoperability - CSIv2

    Security Service - SEC

    Public Key Infrastructure - PKI

    Resource Access Decision Facility - RAD

Acronyms on this Page:

OMG - Object Management Group

(I’m working on the acronyms...)