ITU-T Study Group 4 was disbanded in October, 2008.  The scope of its work was referred to Study Group 2 and Study Group 15. 

ITU-T Study Groups I watch:

    SG 2 - Operational Aspects of

        Service Provision and



        LSG Telecom Management

    SG 15 Optical Transport

        Networks and Access Network


       ITU-T Newslog - SG15

SG 2 Questions I watch:

    Q-8 - Management Framework

        and Architectures

    Q-9 - Methodology and Generic

        Rqmts for Mgmt Interfaces

    Q11 - Protocols for Security


    Q12 - Telecom Management

        OAM Project

SG 15 Questions I watch:

    Q 10 - OAM for Transport Ntwks

    Q 14 - M/C of Systems and Eqpt

    Q 17 - M & O of Optical Networks

M-Series Standards Documents

TELE-WORX Consults on these ITU-T M-Series Standards:

    M.15 Maintenance considerations for new systems  

    M.20 Maintenance philosophy for telecommunication networks  

    M.21 Maintenance philosophy for telecommunication services  

    M.32 Principles for using alarm information for maintenance of international

            transmission systems and equipment  

    M.34 Performance monitoring on international transmission systems and equipment  

    M.35 Principles concerning line-up and maintenance limits  

    M.50 Use of telecommunication terms for maintenance  

    M.60 Maintenance terminology and definitions  

    M.3000 Overview of TMN Recommendations  

    M.3010 Principles for a telecommunications management network  

    M.3013 Considerations for a telecommunications management network  

    M.3016 TMN security overview  

    M.3016.0 Security for the management plane: Overview (formerly ITU-T M.3016)

    M.3016.1 Security for the management plane: Security requirements  

    M.3016.2 Security for the management plane: Security services  

    M.3016.3 Security for the management plane: Security mechanism  

    M.3016.4 Security for the management plane: Profile proforma  

    M.3017 Framework for the integrated management of hybrid circuit/packet networks  

    M.3020 TMN Interface Specification Methodology  

    M.3030 Telecommunications Markup Language (tML) framework  

    M.3031 Guidelines for Implementation Conformance Statement proformas for tML


    M.3050.0 Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) - Introduction

    M.3050.1 eTOM - The business process framework  

    M.3050.2 eTOM - Process decompositions and descriptions  

    M.3050.3 eTOM - Representative process flows  

    M.3050.4 eTOM - Using B2B inter-enterprise integration with the eTOM  

    M.3050 eTOM - Supplements  

    M.3060 Principles for the Management of the Next Generation Networks  

    M.3100 Generic network information model  

    M.3101 Managed object conformance statements for the generic network

            information model  

    M.3120 CORBA generic network and network element level information model  

    M.3160 Generic, protocol-neutral management information model  

    M.3170.0 MTNM - Introduction and Supporting Documentation  

    M.3170.1 MTNM - Business Agreement (TMF513)  

    M.3170.2 NTNM - Information Agreement (TMF608)  

    M.3170.3 MTNM - CORBA IDL Solution Set (TMF814) with Implementation Statement

            Templates and Guidelines (TMF814A)  

    M.3180 Catalogue of TMN management information  

    M.3190 Shared information and data model (SID)  

    M.3200 TMN management services and telecommunications managed areas:


    M.3300 TMN F interface requirements  

    M.3320 Management requirements framework for the TMN X-Interface  

    M.3340 B2B/C2B interface iramework for NGN service assurance management  

    M.3341 Requirements for QoS/SLA management over the TMN X-interface for IP-

            based services  

    M.3342 Guidelines for the definition of SLA representation template  

    M.3343 Requirements and analysis for NGN trouble administration across B2B and

            C2B interface  

    M.3344 Requirements and analysis for NGN appointment management across B2B

            and C2B interface  

    M.3345 Principles for self-service management (SSM)  

    M.3350 TMN service management requirements for information interchange across

            the TMN X-interface to support provisioning of Emergency Telecommunication

            Service (ETS)  

    M.3400 TMN management functions  

    M.3410 Guidelines and requirements for security management systems to support

            telecommunications management  

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