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    SA WG2

    SA WG5



    ETSI TISPAN Portal



        ETSI TISPAN Work Items List

        ETSI TISPAN Latest Drafts

IEEE 802 - LMSC, LAN/WAN Standards Committee

    802.1 Bridging and Mgmt
    802.3 Ethernet

    802.11 Wireless LAN

    802.15 Wireless PAN

    802.16 Wireless MAN

    802.17 RPR

    802.3av 10Gb/s PHY for EPON

    802.3ba 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s

    802.3be Ethernet MIBs

IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force

    ccamp Common Control and Management Plane

    pce Path Computing Element

    pwe3 Psuedowire Emulation Edge to Edge

    Complete RFC index

    RFC Index by Category


    SG 2 - Operational Aspects of Service Provision and Telecommunications Management

        LSG Telecom Management

        Q-8/2 - Management Framework and Architectures

        Q-9/2 - Methodology and Generic Rqmts for Mgmt Interfaces

        Q11/2 - Protocols for Security Management

        Q12/2 - Telecom Management OAM Project

    SG13 - Future Networks

        ITU-T Newslog - SG13

        FG - Future Networks

        Q 5/13 - Principles and Architecture for NGN

        Q 7/13 - Impact of IPv6 on NGN

        Q 9/13 - NM Mechanisms

    SG 15 Optical Transport Networks and Access Network Infrastructures

       ITU-T Newslog - SG15

        LSG - ANT Access Ntwk Trans

        LSG - OTN Optical Trans Ntwks

        Q 2/15 - Optical Systems - Fiber Access (PON)

        Q 3/15 - General Characteristics

        Q 6/15 - Char of Optical Transport Systems - Terrestrial

        Q 9/15 - Equip & Ntwk Protection

        Q 10/15 - OAM for Transport Ntwks

        Q 11/15 - Signals, Interfaces and Interworking

        Q 12/15 - Transport Network Architectures

        Q 14/15 - M/C of Systems and Eqpt

        Q 17/15 - M & O of Optical Networks

    SG 17 - Security

        LSG - Telecom Security

        Q 1 - Telecom Systems Security

        Q 2 - Security Architecture and Framework

        Q 3 - Telecom Information Systems Management

        Q 4 - Cybersecurity

        Q 11 - X.500, X.509 PKI

        Q 12 - ASN.1

        Q 15 - OSI

    G-Series Standards Documents

    M-Series Standards Documents

    Q-Series Standards Documents

    X-Series Standards Documents

    Y-Series Standards Documents

MEF - Metro Ethernet Forum

    Carrier Ethernet for Mobile Backhaul

    Carrier Ethernet in Access, Metro and Core

    MEF Technical Specifications URL

OIF - Optical Internetworking Forum

    E-NNI 2.0 Routing

    Control Plane Security

    Multilayer Signaling

    100G Long-Distance DWDM Transmission Framework

    Forward Error Correction (FEC) for 100G DP-QPSK Long Distance Communication

    Common Electrical Interface - 25Gb (CEI-25)

    OIF Implementation Agreements and Guideline documents URL

OMG - Object Management Group

    (MARS) Platform Technical Committee, Middleware and Related Services Platform Task Force, and

    MARS Wiki

    (SE DSIG) Domain Technical Committee Systems Engineering Domain Special Interest Group

    Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Domain SIG




    OMG Specifications Summary URL


    Telcordia Document Center URL

    Telcordia Document Releases URL

TM Forum

    Applications Framework (TAM)

    Business Process Frwk (eTOM)

    Information Framework (SID)

    Integration Framework (TNA - was TIM)

    SLA Management

    TM Forum Document Catalog URL

TMOC - Telecom Management and Operations Committee - was ANSI T1 Committee

    TMOC Issues


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    Network System and Method for Automatic Discovery of Topology using Overhead Bandwidth (6,654,802)

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    A System Dynamics Calculator: A New Visual Approach to Computing for Ordinary People

My System Dynamics “short list”:

    Archetypes - Interaction Structures of the Universe - An analytical approach to solving the sustainability problem

    Tom Fiddaman's Home Page

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    House Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet

    Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet