This chart derived from the TM Forum eTOM™ illustrates the scope of product line management services that TELE-WORX performs to insure the “right product – right features – right market”...

TELE-WORX’s own refined eTOM summary chart is here.

The eTOM is available in a comprehensive chart from the TM Forum:

Business Process Framework Poster (English version)

The eTOM has been standardized by the ITU-T.

TELE-WORX Solution:

A Product Line Manager who is an expert on managing communication products and services – your “Product “Champion” – anywhere in the product lifecycle. 

    Specific deliverables from TELE-WORX typically include the following:

         • a detailed business plan for a “home run” product or service

         • a refined and optimized product life cycle plan

         • an assessment of readiness to manufacture, sell and support

         • development and marketing organizations put “on the same page”

         • required technical and industry standards identified and explained

         • draft standards influenced to define essential elements, but still preserve “grey space” for differentiation

         • effective product demonstrations scripted, dry-run and presented

Scope of TELE-WORX Product Line Manager Services:

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