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    SG13 - Future Networks

       ITU-T Newslog - SG13

        FG - Future Networks

SG 13 Questions I watch:

    Q 5 - Principles and Architecture

                for NGN

    Q 7 - Impact of IPv6 on NGN

    Q 9 - NM Mechanisms

Y-Series Standards Documents

TELE-WORX Consults on these ITU-T Y-Series Standards:

    Y.1370 MPLS layer network architecture  

    Y.1370.1 Architecture of Transport MPLS (T-MPLS) layer network  

    Y.1371 Interfaces for the Transport MPLS (T-MPLS) hierarchy  

    Y.1374 Management aspects of the T-MPLS network element  

    Y.1381 Characteristics of Transport MPLS (T-MPLS) equipment functional blocks  

    Y.1382 Linear protection switching for Transport MPLS (T-MPLS) networks  

    Y.1561 Performance and availability parameters for MPLS networks  

    Y.1701 Common equipment management function requirements  

    Y.1703 Architecture and specification of data communication network  

    Y.1704 Distributed call and connection management (DCM)  

    Y.1704.1 Distributed Call and Connection Management (DCM) based on PNNI  

    Y.1704.2 Distributed Call and Connection Management: Signalling mechanism using

            GMPLS RSVP-TE  

    Y.1704.3 Distributed Call and Connection Management: Signalling mechanisms using

            GMPLS CR-LDP  

    Y.1705 Generalized automatic discovery techniques  

    Y.1705.1 Protocol for automatic discovery in SDH and OTN networks  

    Y.1710 Requirements for Operation & Maintenance functionality for MPLS networks  

    Y.1711 Operation & Maintenance mechanism for MPLS networks  

    Y.1712 OAM functionality for ATM-MPLS interworking  

    Y.1713 Misbranching detection for MPLS networks  

    Y.1714 MPLS management and OAM framework  

    Y.1720 Protection switching for MPLS networks  

    Y.1730 Requirements for OAM functions in Ethernet-based networks and Ethernet


    Y.1731 OAM functions and mechanisms for Ethernet based networks  

    Y.1901 Requirements for the support of IPTV services  

    Y.1910 IPTV functional architecture  

    Y.2001 General overview of NGN  

    Y.2006 Description of capability set 1 of NGN release 1  

    Y.2011 General principles and general reference model for Next Generation Networks  

    Y.2012 Functional requirements and architecture of the NGN  

    Y.2013 Converged services framework functional requirements and architecture  

    Y.2014 Network attachment control functions in next generation networks  

    Y.2015 General requirements for ID/locator separation in NGN  

    Y.2021 IMS for Next Generation Networks  

    Y.2031 PSTN/ISDN emulation architecture  

    Y.2051 General overview of IPv6-based NGN  

    Y.2052 Framework of multi-homing in IPv6-based NGN  

    Y.2053 Functional requirements for IPv6 migration in NGN  

    Y.2054 Framework to support signalling for IPv6-based NGN  

    Y.2091 Terms and definitions for Next Generation Networks  

    Y.2111 Resource and admission control functions in Next Generation Networks  

    Y.2112 A QoS control architecture for Ethernet-based IP access network  

    Y.2113 Ethernet QoS control for next generation networks  

    Y.2121 Requirements for the support of flow state aware transport technology in an


    Y.2122 Flow aggregate information exchange functions in NGN  

    Y.2171 Admission control priority levels in Next Generation Networks  

    Y.2172 Service restoration priority levels in Next Generation Networks  

    Y.2173 Management of performance measurement for NGN  

    Y.2174 Distributed RACF architecture for MPLS networks  

    Y.2175 Centralized RACF architecture for MPLS core networks  

    Y.2201 NGN release 1 requirements  

    Y.2205 Next Generation Networks - Emergency telecommunications - Technical


    Y.2211 IMS-based real time conversational multimedia services over NGN  

    Y.2212 Requirements of managed delivery services  

    Y.2213 NGN service requirements and capabilities for network aspects of applications

            and services using tag-based identification  

    Y.2214 Functional model for customized multimedia ring service  

    Y.2215 Requirements and framework for the support of VPN services in NGN including

            mobile environment  

    Y.2232 NGN convergence service model and scenario using Web Services  

    Y.2233 Requirements and framework allowing accounting and charging capabilities in


    Y.2234 Open service environment capabilities for NGN  

    Y.2235 Converged web-browsing service scenarios in NGN  

    Y.2261 PSTN/ISDN evolution to NGN  

    Y.2262 PSTN/ISDN emulation and simulation  

    Y.2271 Call server based PSTN/ISDN emulation  

    Y.2401 Principles for the Management of the Next Generation Networks  

    Y.2601 Fundamental characteristics and requirements of future packet based


    Y.2611 High level architecture of future packet based networks  

    Y.2612 Generic requirements and framework of FPBN addressing, routing and


    Y.2701 Security requirements for NGN release 1  

    Y.2702 Authentication and authorization requirements for NGN release 1  

    Y.2703 The application of AAA service in NGN  

    Y.2720 NGN identity management framework  

    Y.2801 Mobility management requirements for NGN  

    Y.2802 Fixed-mobile convergence general requirements  

    Y.2803 FMC service using legacy PSTN or ISDN as the fixed access network for

            mobile network users  

    Y.2804 Generic framework of mobility management for next generation networks  

    Y.2805 Framework of location management for NGN  

    Y.2806 Framework of handover control for NGN  

    Y.2807 MPLS-based mobility capabilities in NGN  

    Y.2808 Fixed mobile convergence with a common IMS session control domain  

    Y.2901 The carrier grade open environment reference model  

    Y.2902 Carrier grade open environment components  

    Y.Sup1 ITU-T Y.2000 series - Supplement on NGN release 1 scope  

    Y.Sup2 ITU-T Y.2012 - Supplement on session/border control (S/BC) functions  
            Approved and published as Y.2012 Suppl.1, renumbered Y Suppl.2 without

            further modifications

    Y.Sup3 ITU-T Y.2000 series - Supplement on service scenarios for convergence

            services in a multiple network and application service provider environment  

    Y.Sup4 ITU-T Y.1300 series - Supplement on transport requirements for T-MPLS

            OAM and considerations for the application of IETF MPLS technology  

    Y.Sup5 ITU-T Y.1900 series - Supplement on IPTV service use cases  

    Y.Sup6 ITU-T Y.2000 series - Supplement on the use of DSL-based systems in next

            generation networks  

    Y.Sup7 ITU-T Y.2000 series - Supplement on NGN release 2 scope  

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