TELE-WORX Solution:

An Expert in network architecture, network management, and interfaces and protocols.

TELE-WORX provides an expert who can see your risks and opportunities, identify linkages to your customers and competitors, answer your questions clearly and completely, and who is engaged in the communications industry helping to define the future. 

    Specific deliverables from TELE-WORX typically include the following:

         • expert reports

         • expert witness services

         • unbiased vetting of intellectual property, business plans, management teams and organizations

         • critical audit of operational and organizational readiness

Scope of TELE-WORX Expert Services:

This chart derived from the TM Forum eTOM™ illustrates the scope of expert services that TELE-WORX performs, and TELE-WORX “sees it for what it is”, and “tells it like it is – clearly!”

TELE-WORX’s own refined eTOM summary chart is here.

The eTOM is available in a comprehensive chart from the TM Forum:

Business Process Framework Poster (English version)

The eTOM has been standardized by the ITU-T.

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