3GPP Specifications generally have a corresponding ETSI TISPAN standard to fulfill the partnership agreement.  To simplify consulting practice, the ESTI Standards are listed first to the left.  The 3GPP list that follows is included to demonstrate the overlap, divergence and direct correspondence with the ETSI documents.  The preference is to refer to the ETSI Standard.  It is important to note that development is ongoing in both organizations.

3GPP Specification Groups I watch:

    SA WG2 - Architectures

    SA WG5 - Telecom Management

ETSI TISPAN Work Groups I watch:

    WG2 Services, Requirements,


    WG8 Network Management

Projects I watch:




ETSI TISPAN Work Items List

ETSI TISPAN Latest Drafts

TELE-WORX Consults on these ETSI Standards:

    102 209 Telecommunication Equipment Identification

    102 334 vCard and vCalendar on fixed network for PSTN/ISDN

    102 359 Equipment Information in the Management Information Base (MIB)

    102 424 Requirements of the NGN network to support Emergency Communication

            from Citizen to Authority

    102 449 Equipment information in the RFID tag

    102 450 Telecommunication Equipment Life Cycle

    102 647 NGN Management; OSS Standards Overview and Gap Analysis

    180 000 NGN terminology

    180 001 NGN Release 1

    180 002 Release 2 definition

    181 001 Videotelephony Stage 1

    181 002 MMTel Stage 1

    181 003 NGN strategy

    181 004 NGN capabilities

    181 005 Services and Capabilities Requirements

    181 006 DC Service Description [Endorsement of OMA-ERELD-PoC-V1]

    181 007 Overview of Messaging Services

    181 009 Network capabilities requirements

    181 010 End-to-end session control in multimedia network Stage 1

    181 011 FMC Requirements analysis

    181 014 Requirements for network transport capabilities to support IPTV services

    181 016 Service Layer Requirements to integrate NGN services and IPTV

    181 018 Requirements for QoS in a NGN

    181 019 Business Communication Requirements

    181 020 Requirements, Technical Approaches and Next Steps"

    182 005 Organization of user data

    182 006 IMS Stage 2 description (3GPP TS 23.228 v7.2.0, modified)

    182 007 VCC Stage 2

    182 008 Presence Stage 2

    182 009 NGN Architecture to support emergency communication from citizen to


    182 010 Analysis of mechanisms and NGN impacts"

    182 011 XML Document Management: Architecture and functional description

            [OMA-AD-XDM-V1_0-20051006-C modified]

    182 012 Architecture for IMS-based PES

    182 013 BC NGN requirements

    182 015 Architecture for Control of Processing Overload in Next Generation Networks

    182 017 DC Architecture and functional description [Endorsement of


    182 018 Control of Processing Overload; Stage 2 Requirements

    182 019 Content Delivery Network (CDN) architecture - Interconnection with TISPAN

            IPTV architectures

    182 021 Support of SMS over NGN IMS Stage 2

    182 022 Architectures for QoS handling

    182 023 Core and Enterprise NGN Interaction Scenarios and Architectural


    182 024 Hosted Enterprise Services; Architecture and functional description

    182 025 Business Trunking; Architecture and functional description

    182 026 Mobility Control Impacts

    182 027 IPTV functions supported by the IMS

    182 028 IPTV Architecture: Dedicated subsystem for IPTV functions

    188 008 IPTV Management; Context and Requirements

    188 001 NGN management: Operations Support Systems Architecture

    188 002-1 SuM Evolution - Part 1: SuM Requirements

    188 002-2 SuM Evolution - Part 2:  Information Model

    188 002-3 SuM Evolution - Part 3:  Functional Architecture

    188 002-4 SuM Evolution - Part 4:  Solution Set

    188 003 OSS requirements and priorities

    188 004 NGN Management; OSS vision

    188 005-1 NRM - Part 1: Requirements

    188 005-2 NRM - Part 2: Information Service

    188 005-3 NRM - Part 3: XML Schema definition

    188 006-1 MIM Part 1: Requirements

    188 006-2 MIM Part 2:  Information service

    188 007 WG8 Specification Guidelines

    202 339 Definition of requirements on the functional architecture for supporting

            Emergency and Priority user services

    282 001 NGN Functional Architecture

    282 002 PES Functional architecture

    282 003 RACS Functional Architecture

    282 004 NASS Functional Architecture

    282 007 IMS Functional architecture

    282 016 Requirements for a NGN Session Control Protocol and analysis of the IMS

            SIP profile meets these requirements

TELE-WORX Consults on these 3GPP Specifications:

    TR-21.902 Evolution of 3GPP system

    TR 21.905 Vocabulary for 3GPP Specifications

    TS 21.201 Technical Specifications and Technical Reports relating to an Evolved

            Packet System (EPS) based 3GPP system

    TS 21.202 Technical Specifications and Technical Reports relating to the Common IP

            Muntimedia Subsystem (IMS)

    TS 22.173 IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS) Multimedia Telephony

            Service and supplementary services; Stage 1

    TS 22.228 Service requirements for the Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia core

            network subsystem (IMS); Stage 1

    TS 22.250 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Group Management; Stage 1

    TS 22.279 Combined Circuit Switched (CS) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

            sessions; Stage 1

    TS 22.340 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) messaging; Stage 1

    TS 22.401 TISPAN; Videotelephony over NGN Service Description

    TR 22.979 Feasibility study on combined Circuit Switched (CS) calls and IP

            Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) sessions

    TS 23.141 Presence service; Architecture and functional description; Stage 2

    TS 23.228 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS); Stage 2

    TS 23.506 TISPAN; IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS); Stage 2 description [3GPP TS

            23.228 Release 7, modified]

    TS 23.508 TISPAN; Presence Service; Architecture and functional description

            [Endorsement of 3GPP TS 23.141 and OMA-AD-Presence_SIMPLE-V1_0]

    TS 23.509 TISPAN; NGN Architecture to support emergency communication from

            citizen to authority [Endorsed document 3GPP TS 23.167, Release 7]

    TS 23.517 TISPAN; IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS); Functional architecture

    TS 24.141 Presence service using the IP Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN)

            subsystem; Stage 3

    TS 24.173 IMS Multimedia telephony service and supplementary services; Stage 3

    TS 24.229 Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia call control protocol based on Session

            Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Session Description Protocol (SDP); Stage 3

    TS 24.238 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based user configuration; Stage 3

    TS 24.528 TISPAN; Common Basic Communication procedures; Protocol


    TS 24.628 Common Basic Communication procedures using IP Multimedia (IM)Core

            Network (CN) subsystem; Protocol specification

    TS 29.162 Interworking between the IM CN subsystem and IP networks

    TS 29.163 Interworking between the IP Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN)

            subsystem and Circuit Switched (CS) networks

    TS 29.165 Inter-IMS Network to Network Interface (NNI)

    TS 29.228 IP Multimedia (IM) Subsystem Cx and Dx Interfaces; Signalling flows and

            message contents

    TS 29.229 Cx and Dx interfaces based on the Diameter protocol; Protocol details

    TS 29.328 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Sh interface; Signalling flows and

            message contents

    TS 29.329 Sh interface based on the Diameter protocol; Protocol details

    TS 29.412 TISPAN; Interworking; Trunking Gateway Control Procedures for

            interworking between NGN and external CS networks

    TS 29.421 TISPAN; NGN Release 1; Endorsement of 3GPP TS 29.162 Interworking

            between IM CN Sub-system and IP networks

    TS 29.424 TISPAN; H.248 Profile for controlling Trunking Media Gateways; Protocol


    TS 29.433 TISPAN; IP Multimedia; Diameter based protocol for the interfaces

            between the Call Session Control Function and the User Profile Server

            Function/Subscription Locator Function; Signalling flows and protocol details

            [3GPP TS 29.228 and 29.229 modified]

    TS 29.458 TISPAN; SIP Transfer of IP Multimedia Service Tariff Information; Protocol


    TS 29.527 TISPAN; Endorsement of the SIP-ISUP Interworking between the IP

            Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN) subsystem and Circuit Switched (CS)

            networks [3GPP TS 29.163 (Release 7), modified]

    TS 29.612 TISPAN; Interworking; Trunking Gateway Control Procedures for

            interworking between NGN and external CS networks

    TR 32.824 Study on SOA compliant need and additional capabilities for existing/

            currently planned Interface IRPs

    TS 33.141 Presence service; Security

    TS 33.178 Security aspects of early IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

    TS 33.203 3G security; Access security for IP-based services

    TS 33.210 3G security; Network Domain Security (NDS); IP network layer security

Acronyms on this Page:

3GPP - 3rd Generation Partnership Project

ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute

IMS - IP multimedia subsystem

NGN - next generation network

TISPAN - telecoms and internet converged services and protocols

(I’m working on the acronyms...)