Contextual Computing

                Contextual Computing Summary Apple.doc (a summary directed to Apple)

                Contextual Computing Summary Google.doc (a summary directed to Google)

                Communications Manager (under construction...)

                        Communication Manager Incoming.jpg (a summary diagram)

                        Rule-Based Processing.jpg (another summary diagram)

                        Use Case Initiating a Communication.jpg

                        Use Case Managing Incoming Communications.jpg

                        Use Case Receiving Incoming Communications.jpg

                        Contextual Communications.pdf (21.0 MB)

                Activity Manager (under construction...)

                        Activity Manager Incoming.jpg (a summary diagram)

                        Contextual Activities.pdf (11.1 MB)

                Collaboration Manager (under construction...)

                        Collaboration Manager.jpg (a summary diagram)

                        Contextual Collaboration.pdf (11.1 MB)